The Do's

Brush/Tree Clearing

I do a wide variety of clearing techniques. I can shred it down, mulch it up, or take it root ball and all! Whether you want a select cut, clear cut, or a small area that is being under used due to the thick Idaho landscape, I can fix it! 


I have the knowledge and know how to get you a pond/tank to your liking! If your wanting something to fish in, water cattle, or just the ambience on your property, I can show you the best areas, or terrace land to accompany your needs!

Ranch roads/Driveways

If your wanting an access road, driveway, or just need to repair what the Idaho rain/snow has taken away, I can suit your needs! I have access to affordable haulers and gravel and am very competitive in the area. I can promise excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction in a timely matter!

Property for sale/Demolition

You will be amazed by the selling power of a cleared lot or piece of land compared to an over grown mess. Sometimes it's just the thought the buyer has looking into the thickness thinking "that is so much work", or "that will be so expensive to clear". Take that option away from them! Let them see the things that they would not have been able to before! Whether it's for you or the sole purpose of making money, a clean lot sells a thick lot sits!

We also demo houses and buildings, price varies with location and haul off.


If you need 1 acre, 10 acres, or a 100 acres. We can get you on a schedule and keep the fire potential down and the good looks up!

Random Ideas/Creations

Throughout time I have had a wide variety of requests of ideas and creations people have had in mind. In the end it became a piece of art. I can help you get what you want done from beginning to end! No idea or thought for your property is silly. It's all in the eye of the beholder! Don't be shy and let's figure out your next project!

What To Know

What We Do


Maximizing land potential in a variety of ways!

We know how to get the job done and specialize in custom projects for the do it yourselfers! From simple land clearing, select cuts, driveways, tanks, or to just re-shape your property to your wants and needs.

About Us


My name is Sam Lancaster. I am the owner and operator of Root Ball and All. When you call us you receive me on the phone to answer your questions, or help with ideas you might have. We work locally around the Washington County and Payette County areas but also will travel for select jobs. I believe the potential in Idaho with the landscape it provides, can turn a mess into a MASTERPIECE! There is no job too big or small. With Root Ball and All you will receive the "old school" work ethic, as well as the desire to finish the project with all parties happy!

To You From Us


We sincerely thank you for visiting our page and hope that we can do business with you in the future. Call for free quotes or just to get help with a question. We are a family business and treat our customers with the same care as we do each other. From Root Ball and All


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